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Security Blanket

Cylance Achieve near-perfect success rate in protecting endpoints.

Traditional AV solutions? Not so much.

Our AI driven approach

Fileless attacks are on the rise. Zero-day victims are suffering millions of dollars in losses. Traditional AV solutions are of little help, with detection-only capabilities that fail to combat fileless attacks or any new strain of malware.

It’s time to take action. Effective action. Leveraging AI based machine learning, Cylance offers true endpoint security that’s nearly perfect — with a 99.1% success rate at protecting1 systems against known and unknown malware strains as well as fileless attacks before they cause harm.

And Cylance technology does so without the use of signatures, without an Internet connection, and without the need for time-intensive updates or deep scans.

To learn more, watch our video, Think Beyond, which highlights Cylance’s AI driven approach to prevention.


12018 efficacy assessment report by NSS Labs.