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Email Security With Targeted Threat Protection

Mimecast Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection is a set of cloud services designed to provide next generation protection against advanced email-borne threats such as malicious URLs, malware, impersonation attacks, as well as internally generated threats.

Mimecast - MSP

Email security at your perimeter

Mimecast’s cloud-based Secure Email Gateway protects organizations and employees using any cloud or on-premises email platform. It defends against inbound spear-phishingmalwarespam and zero-day attacks by combining innovative applications and policies with multiple detection engines and intelligence feeds.

Your information, and ultimately your business’ reputation, is protected by outbound scanning of all emails to block threats and prevent malicious or unintentional loss of sensitive or confidential information.

Email Security Targeted Threat Protection

Organizations and employees are targets for increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks designed to steal money, credentials, customer data and other valuable intellectual property. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection defends against spear-phishing, ransomwareimpersonation and other targeted email attacks.

URL Protect : Keeps your users and your organization safe by checking websites at the time of click, while educating users along the way.

Attachment Protect : Implements an adaptable approach applying multiple analytic techniques and sandboxing to block malicious email attachments.

Impersonation Protect: Defends against email attacks that use sender and domain spoofing and social engineering to coerce a user into performing an action.

Browser Isolation: Allows users to safely click on any embedded URL and surf the web, blocking phishing attempts and potential malware infections.

Keep your email safe

Email is the #1 attack vector. Protect your organization against spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks with a 100% cloud-based service.