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Stop the spread of ransomware at the first endpoint – Illumio Edge

Ransomware and malware are designed to target entire organizations, not just single endpoints. Attackers can move laterally to lock up whole networks in seconds or take more time to move internally while “living off the land” and target crown jewels. Either way, an isolated incident on a single endpoint can turn into a large scale breach, particularly if new ransomware has yet to be detected.
Since response should begin before detection, Illumio Edge brings Zero Trust to the endpoint, with containment by default to stop the spread of ransomware and malware at the first endpoint.

Illumio Edge

  • Makes every endpoint ZeroTrust, preventing ransomware from spreading peer to peer, even before it is detected.
  • Ensures endpoints are segmented with allow list policy that will not disrupt users or business.
  • Complements endpoint security and EDR as they detect and respond to threats.
  • Ensures the first endpoint infected is the last endpoint infected since ransomware cannot propagate.


Powerful ransomware protection. Invisible to users.

Illumio Edge starts with the creation of automated, risk-free allowlist policy. With policy in place, simple enforcement follows the endpoint wherever it goes – on or off the network. Not only is enforcement in place fast, it is also invisible to employees, never harms system performance, and does not trigger IT tickets.

Visibility into endpoint peer-to-peer communications allows you to further refine policies based on business needs and understand attempted ransomware propagation.

Use the Illumio Edge dashboard to monitor all active inbound services. In “test mode,” you can confirm policies by reviewing potentially blocked traffic before enforcement.

Key benefits

More effective ransomware and malware protection:
Preventive containment increases attack resilience and bolsters existing endpoint security postures.

Zero-risk Zero Trust:
Allow listing the right business-critical applications is simple – no need for cumbersome GPOs or manual firewall rule writing.

Tiny footprint, vast peace of mind:
The agent (Virtual Enforcement Node) doesn’t tax the host, so endpoints never slow down.


As a business owner, your success is deeply rooted in how well you leverage your technology; and as such, you also understand that the slightest hiccup in your IT infrastructure can derail your entire business.

When it comes to IT, the details are the most important. This is why Advantage provides IT consultations for businesses like yours.