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New Zealand organisations are facing increasingly sophisticated attacks, designed to evade existing security controls.

These attacks can result in ransomware attacks, stolen intellectual
property and private data exfiltration or significant brand damage.


Advanced detection tools based around endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions provide a highly effective method of identifying, containing and remediating malicious activities.

Unfortunately, these EDR platforms require significant human resources to manage the various detection sources, rulesets and workflows as well as having the required experience to triage and react to alerts.

AdvantageProtect Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides a turnkey solution designed to provide New Zealand organisations with enterprise grade protection across their endpoints, servers and networks; helping to defend against ever increasing cyber threats.

EDR solutions depend on the ability to enrich and correlate endpoint data with accurate and timely threat intelligence in order to achieve the greatest effectivity possible. AdvantageProtect maintains a Threat Intelligence platform that provides a specific focus on the APAC region tracking threats, actors and techniques on a second by second basis. Threat data is collected from a range of commercial, open source, partners, governments and law
enforcement sources. Data is checked, deduplicated and verified before being fed into AdvantageProtect solutions, including the MDR suite.

SOC Triad
AdvantageProtect MDR offers around-the-clock expert monitoring to defend against threats and stop attackers in their tracks.

AdvantageProtect MDR Key Features

AdvantageProtect MDR is built from the ground up to help security teams of all sizes and security experiences strengthen their security posture, find attackers, and stay ahead of emerging threats.

Our MDR service uses a combination of EDR agents, threat intelligence, security analysts, portals, client reports and security guidance to stop nefarious activity and help you accelerate your security maturity.

Our MDR Service include:
  • Dedicated security advisor
  • 24×7 SOC monitoring by expert analysts
  • Real-time incident validation
  • Threat intelligence infrastructure
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Behavioral analytics detections
  • Incident management and response support
  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Unlimited event source and data ingestion

If you suspect an incident, get in touch with us today. When it comes to IT, the details are the most important. This is why Advantage provides free IT consultations for businesses like yours. Fill out the the form or call us 0800 358 8999


As a business owner, your success is deeply rooted in how well you leverage your technology; and as such, you also understand that the slightest hiccup in your IT infrastructure can derail your entire business.

When it comes to IT, the details are the most important. This is why Advantage provides IT consultations for businesses like yours.