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Protect your home computers with next generation
End Point Protection from the worlds leading AI malware
protection vendor



Cylance has been changing the way we protect endpoints in a business setting, allowing for unparalleled protection against unknown and zero day threats.

Traditional antimalware products use signatures to detect and respond to malicious files. This works well for known threats, however the rate of new malware is increasing exponentially with close to 350,000 new samples being detected each day.

This rapid increase poses a much higher chance that you will be targeted with a previous unknown malware, which legacy AV products will often let through without question, resulting in your personal information being lost or stolen.

Cylance takes a radically different approach than legacy AV products, using artificial intelligence to determine if a file is good or bad without requiring signatures. This approach allows Cylance to predict the future, protecting against the unknown.


Personal devices are the hub of modern day life, holding access to most of our financial and personal details – This deserves to be protected.

Personal devices are also a vector to attack business – many of the most high profile attacks have been traced to personal devices which are generally not as well protected as business machines.

Advantage, in partnership with Cylance, is proud to be able to offer Cylance Smart AV – a home focused product providing the same world class AI technology to protect you and your families devices.

With Plexure now being an Cylance customer, we are happy to provide Cylance Smart AV at a discounted price to Plexure employees.  This price is fixed for the life of the product, ensuring continued protection without price increases year after year.

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