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Spam costs your business money.

Spam Protection

Spam costs your business money.

Did you know that 58% of all e-mail sent is classified as spam? And most standard spam filters are not efficient enough to catch it.

Not having an effective spam filter in place can cost your business up to $700 per employee per year.

An expense that can be easily avoided with a quality spam protection solution from Advantage.

Advantage’s anti-spam solutions are the business

Our anti-spam solution uses intelligent, pre-designed filters and includes multiple layers of protection that stops phishing attempts, viruses, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and much more, taking the pressure off your employees.

With Advantage’s highly effective, low cost, hosted spam protection solution, you increase your staff’s productivity and eliminate the costs associated with these types of cyber-threats.

From the moment our e-mail spam solution is implemented you’ll notice the lack of spam in your company’s e-mail. Employees will no longer have to spend a portion of their day downloading and sifting through junk mail. And most importantly, you’ll eliminate malicious attacks from e-mail spam and better protect your company’s intellectual property.

Prevent security breaches by minimising the human element.

If spam slips through the holes in your mail’s spam filter and lands in the inbox of an employee who doesn’t understand its potential danger, you could be at serious risk.

Social engineering is one of the leading causes of data breach.

If you need to take control of your inbox, contact us today 0800 358 8999.


As a business owner, your success is deeply rooted in how well you leverage your technology; and as such, you also understand that the slightest hiccup in your IT infrastructure can derail your entire business.

When it comes to IT, the details are the most important. This is why Advantage provides IT consultations for businesses like yours.