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Web Application Protection

Web Applications are the gateway to your business – Protect them


Web applications are critical to modern businesses

Websites applications, ranging from a simple website through to a complex business automation tool, are the workhorse of today’s modern organisations.

Unfortunately these critical assets are coming under increasingly sophisticated and regular attacks by hackers, activists and organised crime.


Their goals vary, from simple criminal mischief and defacement, attempting to steal data from you and your customers or using the web application as a stepping stone to breach your corporate network.


The last year has seen several high profile attacks against both international and New Zealand entities via their online applications, and this trend is expected to continue.

Advantage offers a managed web application firewall (WAF) platform focused on protecting New Zealand organisations.

The platform is delivered as a cloud native application coupled providing protection for websites, applications, micro-services and APIs.

Advantage operate a 24×7 Security Operations Centre based in New Zealand to support our web application platform.

AdvantageProtect is your security partner

Key features:

  • True cloud native WAF platform
  • OWASP and relevant MITRE ATT&CK coverage
  • Denial of service protection (DDOS & DOS)
  • SSL decryption and inspection
  • Botnet protection
  • High Availability/Load balancing

AdvantageProtect Services

  • 24×7 Security Operations Centre
  • Integrated threat pipeline with integrated SIEM and SOAR to triage and classify threats
  • Threat intelligence platform focused on New Zealand active threats
  • WAF platform tuning and monitoring
  • Reporting services – Technical and Executive
  • Consulting, planning and advice


As a IT professional, your success is deeply rooted in how well you leverage technology and partners. Talk to us about our unique partnership approach.