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Today’s businesses are under threat from an ever increasing number of vectors, ranging from basic but annoying spam all the way through to targeted and persistent data breaches.

Not a week goes by without a major global company hitting the news with some form of cyber security event. While it’s true that these companies present a large and attractive target for attackers, they also employ some of the smartest and skilled security engineers along with cutting edge protection solutions – yet it’s still a matter of when, not if, they are breached.

Looking at New Zealand businesses, we face the same issues. We have some of the highest rates of cryptolocker attacks in the world which combined with other cybercrime costs our country over 500 million dollars per year along with damaging client relationships and organisational reputation.

There are solutions to the problem out there, falling into three main categories:

1. Protection.
Solutions that aim to protect an organisation from attackers. This group includes firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware software, vulnerability scanners and policies. These will protect a business from the vast majority of attacks, and will certainly deter all but the most determined adversary.

2. Detection.
This class is all about knowing what has happened, what is happening, and what may be coming next.
As mentioned earlier if an attacker wants into a business, the chances are unfortunately stacked in their favour, given enough time. Having detection tools allows a business to take information and data from their protection solution and couple it with auditing logs from their systems to derive important events.

These solutions allow businesses to react to potential attacks before they are successful and detect and contain successful breaches to minimise the impact.

3. People.
It is a reality that the world of cybercrime is fast paced, and unfortunately any solutions that are installed quickly loses effectiveness unless they are managed, updated and monitored closely. Adding to this is the global reach of cybercrime, a business is likely to be under attack anytime on any day, necessitating a 24/7/365 approach.

These people are important to have on hand during policy discussion, when starting new projects/services, responding to incidents and dealing with compliance requirements.

The issue with all three categories is they all cost money, time and effort – all of which detracts from your business’s core functions and goals. Adding to this is the fact that many of the best solutions available are targeted solely at global enterprises, putting them out of the reach of most New Zealand businesses.


Advantage have seen the gap growing between the global enterprises, and the smaller organisations, whilst the number of targeted attacks continue to increase for both. In response to this we have created a new suite of services that we call Advantage Protect.
It is a collection of best of breed solutions from the protection and detection categories, backed up with our extensive experience in protecting our own networks and datacentres along with clients from many different verticals and scales.

Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can help protect your business.