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Radware is a leading provider of cloud posture management solutions that help organizations to identify, assess, and mitigate cyber risks associated with their cloud deployments. 

Our platform uses advanced security intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse data from multiple sources, providing you with the information you need to understand and manage your cloud posture.

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Cloud posture management is a critical practice for organisations today, as more and more business-critical applications and data are being moved to the cloud.

By identifying and mitigating cloud risks, organizations can reduce their susceptibility to cyber attacks and ensure the security, compliance, and resilience of their cloud deployments.

Radware’s platform provides a comprehensive cloud posture management solution, including:

  1. Automated discovery, which allows you to quickly and easily identify and assess your cloud resources,
  2. Continuous security and compliance, which ensures that your cloud deployments are always secure and compliant
  3. Advanced analytics and reporting, which provides you with the insights you need to understand the cloud risk landscape and track your progress over time,
  4. Integrated remediation workflows, which allow you to quickly and easily remediate cloud risks
  5. Multi-cloud support, which covers all major cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP

In addition, Radware also provides a range of specialised cybersecurity solutions that are designed to protect specific industries and use cases, such as, critical infrastructure, healthcare, and financial services.

Radware’s cloud posture management solution provides organisations with the visibility, intelligence, and automation necessary to manage the cyber risks associated with their cloud deployments. With our platform, you can reduce your susceptibility to cyber attacks, ensure the security, compliance and resilience of your cloud deployments, and enable your business to leverage the full potential of the cloud.”

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