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PowerDMARC is a leading provider of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) solutions that help organisations to protect their email domains from unauthorised use and phishing attacks. 

The platform uses advanced security intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse data from multiple sources, providing you with the information you need to understand and manage your DMARC posture.


DMARC is an email-validation system that is designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domains from unauthorised use, including phishing and email spoofing.

By publishing a DMARC policy, an organisation can tell receiving mail servers what to do with messages that fail DMARC evaluation.

By implementing DMARC, organisations can make it much more difficult for attackers to use their domains in phishing and other malicious campaigns.

PowerDMARC platform provides a comprehensive DMARC solution, including:

  1. Automated DMARC deployment, which allows you to quickly and easily implement DMARC on your domains,
  2. Advanced reporting and analytics, which provides you with the insights you need to understand the DMARC landscape and track your progress over time,
  3. Advanced forensic analysis that allows you to investigate and understand the sources of DMARC failures,
  4. Automated incident response that allows you to take action on DMARC failures, such as blocking them
  5. Integration with other security solutions like SIEM, phishing simulation and incident response to create a more comprehensive security posture.

The DMARC standard is an important step towards email authentication, and it’s crucial to have it enabled in order to effectively protect your domains from unauthorized use, including phishing and email spoofing.

PowerDMARC makes it easy for organisations to implement and manage DMARC for their domains, providing the visibility, intelligence, and automation necessary to detect, respond, and mitigate DMARC failures.

By using PowerDMARC, organisations can protect their domains from unauthorised use and prevent phishing attacks, ensuring the authenticity of the email communication and ultimately protecting their reputation.

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