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Illumio is a leading provider of micro-segmentation security solutions that protect your organisation’s data center and cloud environments. 

The platform uses advanced security intelligence and machine learning algorithms to segment your network and protect your sensitive data and applications from cyber threats.

Micro-segmentation is an important security technique that enables you to divide your network into smaller, security-controlled segments, or “micro-segments.”

By creating these smaller segments, you can limit the spread of threats, and more easily contain and remediate security incidents. It also allows you to apply granular, context-aware security policies to your environment.

Illumio platform provides real-time visibility of all network communication and enables you to create micro-segments based on user identity, application, and workload. This allows you to create a more dynamic security posture and respond to new threats as they emerge. The platform is also able to understand communication patterns of your systems and applications, automatically identifying and segmenting critical data.

Our platform can be used to secure your data center, cloud, or both environments and can be seamlessly integrated with existing security infrastructure. This allows you to extend your current security capabilities and ensure that your sensitive data and applications are fully protected at all times.

Illumio also offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including:

  1. Automated policy generation which allows you to quickly and easily create and enforce micro-segmentation policies,
  2. Real-time threat detection and response capabilities, which allow you to quickly identify and respond to potential threats and anomalies,
  3. Compliance reporting, which helps you to ensure that your security policies meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Illumio’s micro-segmentation solution will allow you to protect your sensitive data and applications, while maintaining a flexible, dynamic security posture that can adapt to new threats as they emerge. With Illumio, you can rest easy knowing that your environment is always fully protected, and compliant.

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