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RiskRecon by Mastercard is a leading cybersecurity platform that empowers organisations to manage and mitigate third-party cyber risks effectively. 

Leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, RiskRecon provides comprehensive visibility into the security posture of third-party vendors and partners.
Riskrecon by Mastercard

Know Your Risk - Request a Free Cyber Risk Report

We offer a free report using RiskRecon to provide a summary of your organization’s current cybersecurity posture with influencing risk factors.

Knowing your cybersecurity risk today lets you see how attackers can target your organization’s critical assets, which could lead to data loss.

Your risk report is the first step in improving your cybersecurity.

It automatically assesses and rates the security performance of these entities based on various factors, including network security, patching cadence, and susceptibility to cyber threats. By continuously monitoring and evaluating these factors, RiskRecon enables organisations to identify and prioritize high-risk vendors, ensuring proactive risk management strategies.

With RiskRecon, businesses can make informed decisions regarding vendor selection, contract negotiation, and risk mitigation efforts. Its intuitive dashboard offers actionable insights and customisable risk profiles, allowing users to tailor risk management strategies according to their specific needs and industry regulations. Moreover, RiskRecon facilitates collaboration between organisations and their vendors by providing transparent risk assessments and remediation recommendations. This fosters a culture of accountability and partnership in managing cybersecurity risks across the supply chain.

Overall, RiskRecon by Mastercard is a powerful tool for enhancing cyber resilience and protecting sensitive data, enabling organizations to maintain trust and confidence in their business operations amidst evolving cybersecurity threats.

What can I expect from a Cybersecurity Risk Report?

  1. Access a snapshot report of your current security rating for a limited time
  2. Know what the findings are and what they mean to your risk score across multiple security domains
  3. Learn how your organization’s cybersecurity performance compares to competitors & peers in your industry.
  4. Learn how to use your score to influence corrective action with risk prioritized data based on issue severity

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