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Mimecast Email Filtering is a comprehensive security solution that protects your organisation’s email systems from a wide range of threats. 

Mimecast’s powerful email filtering technology uses advanced security intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and block malicious emails in real-time, ensuring that your inbox is always safe and secure.

Mimecast’s email filtering solution is designed to protect your organisation from a wide range of threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware. Our advanced threat detection capabilities include real-time URL rewriting, attachment sandboxing, and multi-layer anti-virus scanning to identify and block malicious emails before they can reach your inbox.

In addition to advanced threat detection, Mimecast Email Filtering also offers a wide range of security controls to help you protect your email systems and data. These include multi-factor authentication, email archiving and e-Discovery, and data loss prevention capabilities.

One of the key benefits of Mimecast Email Filtering is its ease of integration with your existing email infrastructure. It can be easily implemented as an additional layer of protection, without the need to reconfigure your email systems or disrupt your existing workflow.

Mimecast Email Filtering also offers detailed reporting and analytics, which enables to monitor your email systems and identify potential threats, track key metrics such as spam, phishing, and malware detection rate. This enables you to quickly respond to potential threats and take proactive measures to improve your overall email security posture.

With Mimecast Email Filtering, you can protect your organisation’s email systems and data from a wide range of threats, while maintaining the highest level of security and compliance. The solution is designed to help you stay productive and keep your business running smoothly.

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