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Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard organisations against identity-based threats.
It provides centralised control and visibility over access to critical assets across hybrid environments, including cloud, on-premises, and legacy systems.

By employing adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) and risk-based authentication, Silverfort ensures that only authorised users gain access, mitigating the risks of unauthorised access and credential-based attacks. Its intelligent threat detection capabilities analyse user behaviours and contextual data to identify suspicious activities in real-time, enabling swift response to potential security breaches.

Additionally, Silverfort integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive modifications or replacements. Through continuous monitoring and adaptive policies, it strengthens the security posture of organizations while maintaining user experience and operational efficiency.

Extend MFA to Any Asset, Without Modifying It

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for any system, without installing agents on it, without modifying its code, and without deploying proxies
  • This includes systems that couldn’t be protected before:
    • Legacy and homegrown applications
    • Admin tools (including command-line interfaces, Run As and more)
    • File systems and databases
      IT infrastructure
    • Industrial and healthcare systems
  • Use Silverfort to extend the coverage of your existing third-party MFA products (Microsoft, Okta, Ping, Yubico, Duo, RSA, etc.)

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