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Supplier Code of Conduct

Advantage is committed to sustainable and inclusive procurement. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have of all our suppliers. 

Suppliers must make any subcontractors they employ aware of this code.

Labour and human rights

We expect our suppliers to embrace international standards relating to human rights. 

Suppliers must respect the labour rights of their employees in the workplace, and should monitor human rights within their supply chain.

Health, safety and security

Advantage expects suppliers to:

  • comply with regulatory and statutory requirements in relation to health and safety at work and maintain work environments and systems of work, for workers and others that ensure their health and safety
  • comply with any security obligations notified to them by Advantage
  • adequately protect any information, assets, tools or materials provided for use by Advantage and return these promptly on demand when requested.

Environmental sustainability

Advantage encourages environmental sustainability. We encourage suppliers to establish environmentally responsible business practices.

We expect suppliers to:

  • conduct their business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the mitigation of impacts and protection of the environment
  • endeavour to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce operational environmental impacts.

Ethical behaviour

We expect our suppliers to:

  • manage their activities and affairs, and conduct themselves, with integrity in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards
  • not engage in any form of corruption; and
  • be transparent about their practices and actively engage sustainable policies and processes.

Corporate social responsibility

We encourage our suppliers to be good corporate citizens and contribute positively to their communities. Some positive things suppliers could do are:

  • Eliminate discrimination in respect of gender, ethnicity and occupation.
  • Eradicating prejudices in the workplace will support a progressive and diverse work force.
  • Promote economic development across New Zealand.