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AdvantageNZ takes the win at LogRhythm partner awards

LogRhythm MSSP Partner

Managed service provider AdvantageNZ has won again at the LogRhythm’s 2021 New Zealand Partner of the Year Awards.

AdvantageNZ is a New Zealand owned and operated managed service provider that was started in 1984. Over the years the company has established branches in Auckland and Wellington, in addition to Palmerston North where they hail from.

These days they have a keen focus on cybersecurity. The company recently showcased a large contract with Tower Insurance, which is one of New Zealand’s largest insurers.

This cybersecurity expertise was highlighted with the hiring of Jeremy McClure in August this year to head up the company’s Security Operations Centre.

In addition to cybersecurity, they have cloud, data centre and enterprise ICT skill sets, which they bundle together into monthly service offerings. Clients include both national & multinational companies, local & central governments & agencies, SOE’s, charities and small businesses.

The most recent win was part of this year’s LogRhythm New Zealand Partner awards and it is the second year in a row they have won the award.

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