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COVID 19 Changes

Government mandates force change for Advantage

In response to the government mandated changes designed to limit the spread of COVID19, Advantage is changing the way we work over the next few weeks.

During the time we remain in a level 4 situation, we will be restricting our client and site visits to essential services only. This means that if your business is not considered essential by the government, we cannot attend your site.

We will however have our full Security, Technical, Admin and Sales teams working and can deal with the vast majority of requests remotely.

Please understand that we have an increased workload currently and prioritisation of tickets is being undertaken based on existing SLAs.

Technical and Security requests can be logged via or 0800 358 8999.
Our sales team will be available via or 0800 358 8999.

The Advantage team wishes that all our clients (past, current and future), their families and their friends say safe during this time.


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