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Cyber Smart Week is here!

Cyber Smart Week

This Cyber Smart Week (30 October – 5 November), we’re supporting CERT NZ to highlight the importance of staying secure online and showing New Zealanders what’s at stake when they don’t get their online security right.

CERT NZ has found that despite being aware of cyber security risks, New Zealanders aren’t necessarily taking the simple actions that can protect them.

For this year’s Cyber Smart Week, CERT NZ is showing how easy it is to be exposed online through a photo exhibition featuring real people who have suffered the consequences of cybercrime.

The EXPOSED exhibition features larger-than-life portraits of real people targeted by attackers while going about their lives online. These New Zealanders are sharing their stories to highlight the impact of these incidents and to encourage others to protect themselves online.

The EXPOSED exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday 31 October – Thursday 2 November, 10am – 4 pm at Auckland’s Tuesday Club, 42 Airedale Street, Auckland CBD.  You can also view it online.

Take steps to get your online security right

Here are some easy steps you can follow to stay safe and in control of all your things online:

Create long, strong and unique passwords.

Passphrases (random phrases of four or more words, for example coffeecountsasameal or mapsshouldbesouthsideup) make for the best passwords. They’re easy to remember but hard for attackers to crack.

Turn on two-factor authentication

2FA is a unique code sent to your phone or taken from an app that only you have access to. You can use it to authenticate who you are every time you log in and it provides you with an extra layer of defence. That way, even if an attacker gets your login details, they still won’t get in.

Activate auto updates on apps and devices

Updates aren’t just about getting the latest features available on apps and devices; they also protect you from any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could let attackers in. The easiest way to do this is by going to settings and turning on automatic updates.

Set your social media settings to private

Make sure your social media privacy settings are switched over to ‘Private’ or ‘Friends only’ – this way, you can control who sees what information you share and who you’re sharing it with.

Think before you click

Be wary of opening links and attachments in text messages, emails or on social media. These can be used by attackers to get hold of your personal details, or to install malware on your device. Even if you think the text might be legitimate, it’s better to go to the organisation’s website using another method. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Report it

If you, or someone you know, experiences an online security incident, report it to CERT NZ. They’re here to help New Zealanders protect and recover from online security threats and incidents.

Cyber Smart Week also marks the official public launch of CERT NZ’s new programme called ‘Own Your Online’. Aimed at individuals and businesses, Own Your Online is a website that explains common cyber threats and provides practical cyber security advice to help Kiwis create their own defences.

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