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Case Study – Devoli secures operations with Advantage and SentinelOne MDR

Devoli operations with Advantage

Wholesale internet services provider Devoli has chosen a Managed Detection and Response Service from SentinelOne delivered and supported by Advantage. The service contributes to a cybersecurity posture suitable for an organisation for which any interruption to business is considered unacceptable – and to date, it has enjoyed trouble-free operations thanks to the always-on monitoring of its networks and data assets.

In business for more than a decade, Devoli provides voice and data services underpinning retail Internet Service Providers on both sides of the Tasman. With a sharp focus on empowering its customers, Devoli’s services are driven by network automation tools that provide a lightning quick, easily digestible self-service interface. Devoli maintains its own International Data Network, contributing to comprehensive quality control across its services.

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