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Hackers Attack Web Applications Including WordPress

Hackers are attacking web applications, which allow them to target vast numbers of users in one place.

According to a security alert from cybersecurity company Wordfence, a hacker group attempted to hijack almost one million WordPress sites in the first week of May this year. Advantage has a solution to protect New Zealand companies using web apps.

“Hackers are making the most of opportunities presented by the COVID19 pandemic, attacking web applications from many fronts”, said Advantage Regional Executive, Steve Smith, “including popular plugins and themes. The sophistication of these attacks makes it difficult for people to protect their services.”

Speaking in Auckland, Smith added that in response to the Coronavirus lockdowns, many companies have set up new websites with urgency, to keep their businesses afloat. Many new sites have not been penetration tested, as security was not in front of mind, under the circumstances.

Advantage Managing Director Brad Pearpoint added, “It’s not enough to rely on reputable application providers for your security these days. Hackers are sophisticated, and because many companies often use multiple plugins and APIs, to create effective sites and services, it’s important to have a web application firewall (WAF) to protect you.”

Advantage has partnered with Radware, to provide a managed web application firewall (WAF) platform focused on protecting New Zealand organisations. The platform is delivered as a cloud-native application, protecting websites, applications, microservices, and APIs.

Advantage has a 24×7 Security Operations Centre based in New Zealand, with a threat analysis pipeline, allowing them to filter and triage the myriad of alerts and artifacts detected and blocked by the platform.

“We specialise in providing high-quality security so that our clients can focus on the quality of their content and services”, says Smith. “Click here to contact us free consultation”


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