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Managed Phishing Solution

Phishing is one of the top methods used by criminals targeting your organisations – and one of the hardest to prevent.


Cyber crime on the rise

Cyber crime is on the rise in New Zealand, with nearly a third of companies having experienced a cyber-attack in the past two years, many of which have been initiated by a Phishing attack.

Phishing is the name given to emails that are designed to get your users to interact with the criminal, generally clicking on a link to install malware or providing sensitive details that can be used to further breach the organisation.

These attacks range from poorly crafted scams attempting to get your staff to accept money from an “long lost rich relative” through to extremely sophisticated scams that are months in the making.

To protect against these attacks 3 key elements are required

  1. Training – Your staff are your best, and in many cases only, defense again’t these attacks. Staff need to be empowered with the knowledge to detect what is malicious and what is legitimate, and have someone to turn to for help when needed.
  2. Technology – Advantage have selected a selection of best of breed technologies that come together to prevent the vast majority of phishing attacks before your users receive them, and to be able to detect and remediate those that slip past quickly and effectively.
  3. Experience and threat intelligence – Our Advantage Security Operations Centre is a 24x7x365 facility based in New Zealand that underpins all of our service services, including our phishing protection.
    We utilise threat intelligence from multiple OSINT, Commerical, Government and industry/partner sources to effectively identify, prevent and remediate phishing attacks throughout your business.

Our solution provides a turn key managed Phishing solution incorporating:

  • Effective and easily consumed web based training for your users
  • “Report a Phish” button for Outlook, OWA and mobile clients
  • SOC responds to all reported phishing emails
  • Feedback loop to remove unreported phishing emails based on other reports or threat intelligence
  • Reporting to users and management on their phishing detection trends
  • Front end Anti Spam, Anti Malware and Phishing prevention mail scrubbing


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