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Advantage Named BlackBerry’s APAC MSSP Partner Of The Year

BlackBerry Cylance

The recognition comes after a six-year partnership, during which time Advantage has used BlackBerry as a core element of its client protection services. With an automation suite built using BlackBerry® software, Advantage clients benefit from around-the-clock security.

“With BlackBerry technology we can offer next-level security for the thousands of endpoints – like workstation laptops, mobiles and tablets – under our management,” says Brad Pearpoint, Managing Director at Advantage. “The time to detection is dramatically reduced. Leveraging the power of BlackBerry software, we can detect breaches in minutes instead of hours or days.”

Early detection saves clients time and money, as breaches are resolved before they can escalate – and without the need for manual checks, all this can be delivered at a much lower cost.

With more people working from home, Advantage’s automation is growing in importance.

“Devices become vulnerable to attack outside of the work environment. Our tooling offers the same level of service regardless of where they are,” says Brad.

Understandably, with its unique offering and excellent results, Advantage has seen huge growth opportunities – and BlackBerry has recognised these achievements.

“We are proud to award Advantage NZ as our APAC MSSP Partner of the Year,” said David Nicol, Managing Director ANZ at BlackBerry. “Advantage has proven to be an extremely capable and valuable BlackBerry partner. They have demonstrated their innovative and enterprising spirit, leveraging their expertise in cybersecurity and automation to maximise the capabilities of BlackBerry software for customers. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership.”

Advantage’s success was made possible by BlackBerry software’s flexibility and the support they’ve received from the team.

Brad concludes: “Anything we need, they’re always ready to help.”


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