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Red vs Blue -Auckland Cyber Security Event

If you’ve ever played Airsoft or involved in the military , you would have heard the terms “Red team” and ”Blue team”.

Red team describes the bad guys team that use attack techniques to gain access to the “base”, while the Blue team use skills to defend.

In Cybersecurity, its much the same !

With new regulations being enforced like GDPR, and the financial penalties that go with these regulations, organisations are having to have a serious look at their security infrastructure as they face the high risk of data breaches

Join us for a drinks and nibbles where we will hear from the two different teams on how they can work together to protect networks from breaches.

We will also hear from a legal expert who will outline the responsibility of NZ companies to protect data and outline the process when data has been breached.

He will also discuss the impact of GDPR on NZ companies .


For more details and to register:


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