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Advantage is a official supporter of Safer Internet Day

Advantage supports Safer Internet Day

Advantage has signed up to become an official supporter of Safer Internet Day, the world’s biggest campaign to make the internet a safer place.

This is important as Netsafe research shows one in five New Zealand teenagers, and one in 10 New Zealand adults were harmed by something they experienced online in the previous year. In many cases teens and adults reported being unable to eat or sleep, unable to go to school or withdrawing from their usual daily activities.

But there are steps we can all take to protect ourselves and our whānau online so this Safer Internet Day we’re sharing Netsafe’s top online safety tips

There are steps we can all take to protect ourselves and our whānau online and have better, more positive online experiences.

  1. Protect your information – it’s valuable. Make sure your passwords are hard to guess and have different passwords for all your accounts. Too hard to keep track? Consider using a passord manager.
  2. Do an online profile check-up. Familiarise yourself with the privacy settings on the social media platforms you use and remember, your digital footprint doesn’t wash away with the next tide so think twice about what you post.
  3. Put your critical thinking cap on and get media savvy. Like everything online, the news we consume also deserves a critical lens. Implement a fake news ‘filter’ when you’re catching up on news online. Ask yourself: Is this a reliable source? Are these facts credible? Is the article balanced? Could this be a joke or a hoax.
  4. Report bullying, abuse and harassment to Netsafe. Make sure you’re practising tolerance, kindness and respect online, and report bullying or abusive behaviours when you see it. There is legislation in New Zealand to help people experiencing something harmful online and Netsafe can help.
  5. Most importantly, let’s kōrero about our experiences online. This is particularly important for our tamariki. Having regular, non-judgemental conversations with your kids about what they’re doing online helps to reduce the damage if things do go wrong.

If you are a parent, check out Netsafe’s Online Safety Parent Toolkit – Click here


Are you experiencing something upsetting or challenging online?
You’re not alone, Netsafe can help. We provide a free, confidential, impartial service to help with online challenges. Translation services are available.

Contact Netsafe on 0508 638 723, email, text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282 or make a report at


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