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SafeStack Cybersecurity Training

Many companies and organisations source training courses and material to educate staff from companies overseas, such as from the United States. Whilst these companies may provide excellent training material, it is focused on their local market.The environment in New Zealand is quite different to other parts of the world and is constantly changing. There is often a big gap between training material that has been sourced and new security threats that our companies face. The frequency of attacks has increased dramatically in 2020 and is likely to continue to grow.

Advantage has therefore partnered with SafeStack, a specialised New Zealand company, founded in 2014 to support the local market.

The SafeStack Academy provides a range of interactive online training courses that continue to be expanded and updated as conditions change, and new types of attack occur.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Advantage to provide cybersecurity training to New Zealand businesses. We both believe every organisation has the right to be safe and secure and look forward to sharing our online training with you. Our lessons are designed to be easy-to-digest, interactive, and fun to help create a security culture that is empowering for your staff.” – Laura Bell, Founder and CEO of SafeStack Limited.

As Regional Sales Executive, Steve Smith will tell you, “Often, at first glance, email, or other forms of phishing and other attacks, are designed to look just like messages from trusted partners and suppliers. They look so like the real thing that it is extremely easy to click on a hyperlink before you realise that it is in fact an attack. By that time, it may already be too late, damage may have been done. Even in the fast-moving financial sector, it typically takes 5 months before a breach is detected and another 54 days to contain the breach. Well trained staff will significantly reduce the risk to your systems, your reputation and your business.”

“We are excited about this new partnership and offer you the opportunity to have a free trial of one of the modules, so you can experience it yourself.”

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