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Established in 1989, Sandfield has grown to become a leading provider of software applications for operational businesses looking to differentiate themselves through the use of technology.

The company’s services and product portfolio includes software and website development, application delivery, database administration, mobile app development and integration services. Sandfield supports clients throughout New Zealand and around the world.

The challenge

As it has grown during the past few years, Sandfield has increasingly been taking on larger and more complex client projects. This has required an expansion of the company’s cloud operations     and an increase in processing and storage capacities.

Justin Knight, Head of IT Operations at Sandfield, said this growth had also led to the need for increased IT security measures to ensure client applications and data were fully protected from external threats. At the same time, the organization benchmarked its protocols against an international standard to ensure their capabilities would be protected.

“About 18 months ago, we achieved our ISO27001 certification,” he said. “As a part of that, and to ensure we had all the required controls in place, we realized we needed better insight into and management of our security measures.”

Initially, the company’s IT team assessed whether this could be achieved using internal staffing and resources. However, it quickly became apparent that this would not be the most effective approach.

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