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Private cloud is a form of cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, but through proprietary architecture. 

Extra security for mission-critical operations

Private cloud is a single tenant compute infrastructure and environment created by using virtualisation software, meaning that you do not share resources with others.

New Zealand businesses have been entrusting Advantage with their data and co-location infrastructure for more than a decade. 

Public cloud is not a fit for all business. For example, the risk of hosting a mission-critical workload in the public cloud might exceed an organisation’s risk tolerance.


Total control and ownership

Many of our clients, particularly in the medical, legal, and financial industries, are also concerned by the security and regulatory compliance concerns related to a multi-tenanted environment.

For this reason, investing in private cloud often makes sense as it allows an organisation to realise the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining total control and ownership of its environment.

We understand that TRUST is a vital ingredient for any business considering co-location of its ICT infrastructure. Advantage is ISO 27001 accredited and makes use of the very best leading-edge technology to ensure our offering delivers on what we promise.


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