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At a time where incident response (IR) resource is in high demand and in short supply, an Incident Response Retainer (IRR) gives you peace of mind. Our retainer agreement can be used to prepare for, respond to, and efficiently resolve security incidents to minimise business impact.

What's included

The IRR is an agreement set up in advance of a cyber incident and entitles you to priority support, guaranteed SLAs, and access to a wide range of incident response and security program readiness consulting services. We will also provide the appropriate licenses to support the incident response services.

We will respond within the agreed timeframes to provide incident-response (IR) services including:

  • data breach response
  • ransomware investigation and recovery services
  • digital forensics and insider threat investigations
  • tactical response insider threats, and expert witness testimony

Our incident response includes all licensing to support delivery of the IR service.

Hours expire after the agreed 12-month term. You can repurpose any prepaid hours for a variety of proactive, reactive, and educational purposes.

Why use Advantage for incident response?

Our team of IR specialists are experienced with a wide variety of industry standard tools and solutions that provide the required visibility across your network, endpoints, and other systems to perform efficient and comprehensive investigation of an incident.

  • We are the only SentinelOne SIREN certified Incident Response Company in New Zealand
  • Experienced and Dedicated IR Team based in New Zealand
  • ISO27001 Certified

How can we help?

Experienced a breach? Need a security assessment?
Talk to us.