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Reduce the risk of cyberattacks and have your firewalls managed by our 24×7 New Zealand-based Security Operations Centre

Active monitoring

Our service provides 24×7 monitoring and management and helps protect your network from a wide range of cyberattacks, including DDoS, Malware and Phishing attacks.

By monitoring your firewalls through our SOC, we can identify and respond to threats quickly, before they cause damage. 

Regular firewall audits are a key part of our service. They help to reduce the likelihood of network exposures and malicious activity going undetected.

We use best-in-class tools to provide enhanced visibility of your network, vulnerability scanning technologies, and ensure that your firewalls are properly installed and working.

All the essentials

Key Inclusions to Our Managed Firewall service are set out below:

  • Firewall monitored for security events 24/7 – ingestion of firewall logs into SIEM platform
  • Threat intelligence, including NCSC’s Malware Free Networks
  • Firewall MAC changes completed by trained engineers
  • Weekly offsite firewall configuration backup (when using Advantage management platform)
  • Regular firmware upgrades
  • 6-monthly firewall audit
  • 4 basic change requests per month
  • Monthly reporting

How can we help?

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