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Threat intelligence as a Service (TIaaS)

Gain access to valuable intelligence on emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and potential risks to your digital assets without costly investment in developing in-house threat intelligence and capability. TIaaS leverages advanced technologies, data analysis, and expert insights to deliver actionable threat intelligence to help organisations enhance their security posture and make informed decisions.

Our service

AdvantageProtect Security experts map specific risks to your organisation:

  • Identifying TTPs or technical exploits relevant to you due to organizational structure, vertical, location or services used.
  • Crafting detection rules and mitigations based on these identified issues.
  • Perform threat hunts based on identified risks, concerns or theories and report on results.
  • Monitor threat actors and incidents of interest for new developments that are relevant to your organisation.
  • Monitor darknet information exchanges for information and credentials related to your organisation or being sold or traded.

Six reasons why you need Advantage Protect TIaaS

  1. Access to experts in threat intelligence analysis
  2. Comprehensive and timely threat data
  3. Proactive threat detection
  4. Contextual insights
  5. Reduced false positives
  6. Cost-effectiveness – no need to hire and train staff in this specialised skill

How can we help?

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