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We are ISO27001 certified – Here’s why it’s worth it

It’s fair to say we totally underestimated the process. However, the investment made has certainly been well worthwhile and we are true advocates of the process.

What is ISO27001 and why we chose to become certified.

ISO27001 is the international information security standard, and its’ focus is on the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the information security management process.

As a leading Managed Service and Managed Security Provider, we knew that we needed to have evidenced systems and processes in place that:

  • Built trust and confidence with clients
  • Supported our capability statement around cyber security and managed services
  • Evidenced compliance with best practice, reducing information security risk

Time committed to achieving certification

We have a complex environment and there were many things to consider along the way. If you have a team invested in making certification a reality, certification can be achieved in 12-18 months. We were committed to doing things right. We involved the experts Resilient IT to support us through the process and committed several hours to training and embedding processes. Our final report showed that our 18-month journey equated to time well spent with no non-conformances being raised -a true testimony to our Team’s commitment.

Was it worth it?

ISO27001 certification may be a continuous commitment, however we understand that selecting a provider that provides a robust security program is a critical commercial decision. We have access to our clients’ most sensitive company data. It makes absolute sense to us, when considering today’s landscape, that strict information security governance to minimise the risk to our clients, ensuring business continuity, and proactively limiting the risk of a security breach is of paramount importance.

We are confident that the disciplines we have adopted provide that client confidence and we wholeheartedly say it has been worth it!

In New Zealand, there are only a select few managed services/security providers #MSP #MSSP that hold this prestigious certification. As Advantage has proved time and time again however– being independently owned, never means lagging behind.


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