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Why Xuba outsources security to Advantage

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Why Xuba outsources security to Advantage

Hamilton-headquartered managed services provider Xuba knows all about the smartest way of delivering key support services: you partner with a specialist. With so much resting on security, particularly in the delivery of remote services, the smart people at Xuba have outsourced their managed detection and response requirements to Advantage. As a result, Xuba itself and its clients are assured of heighted security with the AdvantageProtect XDR service enabled by a combination of Netskope and SentinelOne technology, coupled with Advantage’s seasoned security expertise.

Conceived from a shared vision for faster, smarter IT technology coupled with bright spark, cut above the rest IT support service, Xuba believes in ‘quick’ and ‘quality. Passionately committed to doing IT things better, Xuba prides itself on helping its clients sleep at night. That comes down to a clever team with 15 years in the industry and IT in the blood, the team creates lasting bonds by learning their client’s business and delivering trouble-free enabling services and technologies.


Xuba managing director Jarrod Dowd says that while his company takes a cheerful approach to the delivery of services for its customers, data security is deadly serious. “We have multiple key customers for which the security requirements are strict and must be maintained to the highest level. Our payoff line is that our clients should sleep well at night and that means having trust in us, in everything we provide. Outsourcing some aspects of the security, quite frankly, means better security and a lower overhead in terms of the specialist people required for the unimpeachable level of data protection we’re after.”

It is, Dowd agrees, the classic outsource model which is the value proposition of a managed services provider like Xuba itself. “Security is a specialised area. Success rests on the right assets and the right people, with the right products and the right technology. When we access that from Advantage, we can focus on what we do best, knowing our customers are protected.”

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