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Case study – Iconic footwear retailer puts boot into cyber threats

Overland Footwear Group

Bob Kombora, Overland’s IT Manager, faced multiple security challenges. Chief among them was an outsourcing model
involving multiple independent security products and third parties. So many vendors working at the fringes of the footwear company’s IT environment made Kombora nervous. However, a flood of phishing attacks presented a more pressing problem with people clicking links and accounts being phished, which Overland found through the dark web reports from Advantage and several attempts from foreign malicious attackers trying to brute force some of their applications. A malware attack would’ve disrupted their business and impacted trade putting their customers’ data at risk, this lead to Overland getting to EDR.

There’s nothing a hacker loves more than a rouge device

Overland has a diverse network with staff moving between stores and many new starters so they have adopted a usability approach on their devices.

However, when devices fall outside a tightly managed security framework, they are effectively rouge, with often outdated antivirus software presenting hackers with a doorway into the IT network.

Recognising the impossibility of locking down every device connecting to Overland’s network, Kombora investigated EDR.

eset edr – at your service

Evaluating Crowdstrike and other EDR solutions, Kombora eventually settled on managed security provider Advantage’s recommendation: ESET EDR.
ESET’s approach to detecting clandestine insider threats, phishing, and other attacks commonly used against enterprises ticked the boxes on technical ability and performance. However, putting Kombora’s decision beyond all doubt was the cost effectiveness and seamless integration made possible by ESET EDR delivered as a managed service, Kombora said.

Working with Chillisoft partner Advantage, Overland’s managed EDR service was configured and up and running in less than a week. “Advantage is all about automation, which made implementation quick and simple,” Kombora said.

rapid detection and response outpace cyber threats

With a small IT team responsible for workers on both sides of the Tasman, Overland relies on Advantage to take quick action to head off potential threats. This is where ESET EDR, delivered as a managed service, shines brightest. ESET’s AI-powered automation isolates
compromised devices to conduct a deep clean before rogue applications can do their work.

The model is a quantum leap beyond the old days of antivirus ‘set and forget’, with Advantage’s cloud-based command and control EDR managed service providing the oversight and updates to continuously close the gaps on evolving threats.

less work,better protection-what a relief

Jason Pimenta, Overland’s Systems Engineer said, “The new ESET-powered endpoint security service has saved eight hours of my analyst time (approximately 400-plus hours a year), with alarms, risks, logs, and alerts now managed externally.”

Kombora says Overland’s improved security posture helps him to sleep better at night. “It’s nice to know that our endpoints are now secure, and we can go hard and early on potential threats,” he said.


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