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Zoom Meeting Vulnerabilities

Zoom Vulnerabilities – Make sure you are protected

Zoom, the popular internet meeting system, has had multiple vulnerabilities discovered in it.


Whilst vulnerabilities are discovered every day, we felt the need to make a post directing attention to this one in particular due to the easy of exploitation and the amount of Zoom that is used by our clients across many industries.


AdvantagePROTECT clients had a mitigation pushed to their endpoints yesterday to deal with this issue, and our AdvantageMANAGE clients have had a policy rolled out today to solve the most critical issues.


MacOS users are known to be the most affected by this issue, so those users should make sure they have removed and reinstalled the Zoom client with the latest version.

Unfortunately the Zoom client doesn’t lend itself to be auto updated easily, but users that are concerned can contact us for advice.


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